FRESH: Nicholas Dante - 'Echoic'

FRESH: ‘Echoic’ – Nicholas Dante

Who Is Nicholas Dante?

By Steve McSteveface

Nicholas Dante is an aspiring pop music artist from Brooklyn, New York who wants to make music worth listening to.

He endeavours to produce pieces of music that could be played in any moment with the accompanying feelings.

Either it’s nostalgic Friday days or feel-good outrageous Saturday nights – or even the aftermath on Sundays – his music is a platform of expression and growth to appeal and add onto the experience that one might have in that moment of time.

FRESH: Nicholas Dante - 'Echoic'

Additionally, he likes to experiment creatively with different sounds sonically that help achieve the message or feeling that he is trying to seek out for.

What is Echoic?

‘Echoic’ is the latest project from this Brooklyn based guy and so I asked him to tell us in his words what it was all about?

“The album’s sound is pretty eclectic, mainly showcasing an 80’s synth throwback sound that coincides with modern electronic, dance elements and this eclectic aesthetic was very important to me when creating the sound of this project. I wanted to have the tempos vary throughout to showcase the rollercoaster of emotions that the narrative tells, as well as play with different instruments and sounds.

The song ‘Delirium’ is about slipping into a fixation over a person or an object, however once fallen, there is an instability in the relationship due to the other person’s feelings. 

The albums lyrics deal with issues such as; confusion between lust and love, sexual urges, and the inner struggles you face when you are at your worst. The consistent narrative throughout the project is the difficulty of letting go of the past and moving on. The album plays as if the listener were to be reading it as a story, however it’s up to the listener to interpret the structure of the narrative while listening.

The term “Echoic” is defined as a sound by imitation, and also refers to the psychological term “Echoic Memory” which coincides with the narrative that is showcased lyrically throughout the project.

Additionally, the inspiration of the album was a lot of 80’s and 90’s pop artists. Most specifically Janet Jackson’s style of melodies and the way her vocals are stacked to create the perfect harmonies. I also pulled inspiration from the 70s dark horror film “Suspiria.” These are just a few examples of inspiration that impacted the basis and song-writing process for this album” 

Thanks Nicholas!

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…and let Nicholas take you on that journey!

FRESH: Nicholas Dante - 'Echoic'

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