The Popularizer

PLAYLIST: The Popularizer

What Is The Popularizer?

Be More Than Popular.
The Popularizer

The Popularizer is our original and most popular New Music playlist.

A playlist where we will share new music that everyone will LOVE!

Updated regularly with new songs it contains at least 100 songs – that’s almost 3 hours of awesome music!

Can Anyone Submit A Song?

Sure! Do you know of a brilliant new happy, upbeat pop song that you think more people would like to hear – send it! If you are an artist and would love more exposure – gimme, gimme! If you look after the PR for an artist and want to keep on their good side – yes please!

Does It Cost Anything?

Nope! It’s absolutely free publicity for new music – all that’s asked is that you “share the shit” out of the playlist across your social media weapons of choice but if you do feel like dropping us a little donation then we are fine with that!

How Do I Submit A Song?

Easy! As you might expect we get hundreds of emails per day and some slip through the net. Submit your songs to us via SubmitHub, MusoSoup or MySphera to be guaranteed a listen, not just by us but hundreds of other bloggers, curators, radio stations etc.

What are you waiting for? Get listening, get sharing & get submitting!