PLAYLIST: Schitt's Creek - A Binge Show Soundtrack

PLAYLIST: Schitt’s Creek – A Binge Show Soundtrack

‘Schitt’s Creek’

“A wealthy video store magnate, and his wife, a formerly successful soap star lose their fortune when their business manager fails to pay their taxes. They are forced to rebuild their lives with their sole remaining asset: a small town named Schitt’s Creek which they had bought their son as a joke birthday gift years before

This is one of my favourite shows…ever!

I love all the characters for different reasons but my favourite has to be Moira played by the awesome Catherine O’Hara. Although I loved her in Home Alone and Beetlejuice, for me, this is her best role!

I also love the family connection. Daniel Levy plays David brilliantly and does an amazing job of writing the episodes too. His dad in real life, Eugene Levy is probably best known for his role in the American Pie films as Jim’s Dad but again for me his role as the Dad in Schitt’s Creek is his best role!

Buy the DVDs or watch on Netflix.


There’s a great mix of songs in the show – some classics and some modern. One of the songs featured in Season 4 is ‘Adore‘ by Amy Stark and I love it.

There isn’t a theme song as such but if there was then I think that ‘Jack & Diane’ by John Mellencamp would be a good fit?

There’s also a great cover of ‘Simply The Best’ in Season 4 by Noah Reid (Patrick) that is awesome!

This is quickly followed by David doing of the best Tina Turner lip-syncs I have ever seen.

And who could forget this…

Don’t delay – get watching the DVDs or watch on Netflix today and then sit back, relax and enjoy some great music.