EUROVISION 2018: Semi Final Two – Songs, Favourites & Predictions

Eurovision 2018

The highlight of the musical year – Eurovision 2018 is upon us and it’s time for the first semi final!

When Is Eurovision 2018?

Eurovision hits Lisbon! All Aboard!

The first semi final took place on 8th May 20:00 GMT followed by the second semi final on 10th May 20:00 GMT with the grand final on 12th May 20:00 GMT!

From each semi final only 10 acts will qualify to the grand final. The Big Five countries (UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany) and the host country (Portugal) will automatically get to the final.

Semi Final Two – My Favourites (10)

Here is who I want to qualify from semi final one and, unlike previous years, these are in a particular order.

Poland – “Light Me Up” by Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer

Australia – “We Got Love” by Jessica Mauboy

Sweden – “Dance You Off” by Benjamin Ingrosso

Moldova – “My Lucky Day” – DoReDoS

Denmark – “Higher Ground” by Rasmussen

San Marino – “Who We Are” by Jessika featuring Jenifer Brening

Romania – “Goodbye” by The Humans

Malta – “Taboo” by Christabelle

Ukraine – “Under The Ladder” by MELOVIN

Norway – “That’s how You Write A Song” by Alexander Rybak

Semi Final Two – My Not So Favourites (8)

Here is who I don’t want to qualify from semi final one and again these are in a particular order.

Russia – “I Won’t Break” by Julia Samoylova

Serbia – “Nova Deca” by Sanja Ilić & Balkanika

The Netherlands – “Outlaw In ‘Em” by Waylon

Hungary – “Viszlát Nyár” by AWS

Latvia – “Funny Girl” by Laura Rizzotto

Montenegro – “Inje” by Vanja Radovanović

Slovenia – “Hvala, ne!” by Lea Sirk

Georgia – “For You” by Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao


Here is who I think will qualify:

Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Australia, Hungary, Denmark, Moldova, Latvia, Ukraine

All Aboard!

Enjoy Semi Final Two!

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