LAST.FM: It’s Scrobble-tastic!

What is

I’ve been using for over ten years and for any music lover it is a must have service. is a music recommendation service and has a feature called scrobbling which keeps track of songs you play. My scrobbles go back to 2006 and I can check on a week by week basis what I was listening to at any particular time period.

I use scrobbling to produce my weekly playlists and also my playlists of the year. On top of that it allows me to create numerous other playlists such as most listened to artists or albums.

I’ve transferred all my playlists from iTunes to Spotify and is really helping me do this. and Spotify also work really well together both on desktops and mobile devices.

It’s a free service and is brilliant for discovering new music too based on your listening habits.

There’s a real time “currently listening to” feature so if you want to see what someone is listening to right now – you can! It's Scrobble-tastic!

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