Let It Go? No – I Couldn’t


A few years ago I (as many others did, I’m sure) became obsessed with the soundtrack to Disney’s “Frozen”. In particular, the song “Let It Go” had me obsessed to the extent that I couldn’t walk upstairs without running and throwing my arms around in the vain hope that I may have magical powers too.

It was a great song, performed amazingly and Disney at its best.

As always, everyone on YouTube and their aunt wanted to do a cover version so I thought I would share the best three that I stumbled across.

Gardiner Sisters

This is an acoustic version performed by a very cute family and starts off with a really sweet little girl..

Sam Tsui

This is not just a cover but it’s an amazing mash-up with Passenger’s “Let Her Go“. This guy is mega talented!

Alex Boye

If you woke up today and really thought you would like to hear an Africanized version of Let It Go with a children’s choir whilst watching a live action remake of the video, well, you can…

I’m sure there are a lot more cover versions out there just as good (and bad, trust me on that) and I’d be interested in what others have found so please share back if you would like to.

What songs have yo found yourself obsessing over recently?

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