A Musical Love Story

A Musical Love Story

I’ve been doing my Every UK Number One Song series for a while now and it really has opened up my musical tastes to a whole different generation.

It’s introduced me to new classics and made me more familiar with others. Occasionally, I’ll be reviewing a song and like it so much that I will play it constantly – so much so that they even make it into my Weekly Playlist of most played songs in that week.

Last week when I reviewed “Tell Laura I Love Her” I basically fell in love with this beautifully sad song and I have had it on repeat ever since but the story doesn’t end there…

I discovered that there was a follow-up reply to this song (I won’t spoil the story) so I challenge you to listen to them both and try not to get emotional.

The only other similar situations that I know of where songs reply to another song are not so nice.

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