EUROVISION 1962, Villa Louvigny, Luxembourg

Eurovision 1962 Songs

The seventh Eurovision Song Contest in 1962 was held at the Villa Louvigny in Luxembourg.

Somebody in Luxembourg must have forgot to keep the electricity meter topped up as there were a few power cuts during the show!

A total of sixteen countries took part in the contest.

The United kingdom entered Ronnie Carroll who sang “Ring-A-Ding Girl”. I’m not sure but it sounds like this song is about Ronnie going cruising for a prostitute.

Marion Rung from Finland sang “Tipi-Tii”  (Chirpy Chirp). I love this! I have all the Eurovision songs on my iTunes and this one has popped up more than once and it’s ace!

The entry from Belgium was performed by none other that Fud Leclerc. Man, Fud just does not give up! He performed this time with the song “Ton Nom” (Your Name). Hear this Fud – you need to either get your dance moves on or just give up altogether!

Spain were represented by Victor Balaguer singing “Llámame” (Call Me). Debbie Harry – it is not…although it does get better once it gets started.

Austria’s song title was “Nur In Der Wiener Luft” (Only In The Vienna Air) and was sung by Eleonore Schwarz. I’m not sure what’s in the Vienna air but I don’t like it.

Ellen Winther from Denmark sang  “Vuggevise” (Lullaby). Someone should have cut the power during this performance so we could have a sleep.

Inger Berggren from Sweden performed the song “Sol Och Vår” (Sun And Spring). Is this Sweden starting to show that they are the ultimate Eurovision country? Yes, I think it is!

Germany were represented by Conny Froboess singing “Zwei Kleine Italiener” (Two Little Italians).  Slightly racist? Germany? Never! Still…it’s quite catchy.

De Spelbrekers sang “Katinka” for The NetherlandsI could be wrong but I think they might be siamese twins…but watch at 1:00 when the power runs out – classic! Also, I just know that I am going to be singing this song all day long.

Inger Jacobsen was up next for Norway singing “Kom Sol, Kom Regn” (Come Sun, Come Rain).  If you are a fan of Denise Welch from the ITV show Loose Women then you will love this.

Jean Philippe flew the flag for Switzerland with a song called “Le Retour” (The Return). This could be a James Bond theme tune.

Lola Novaković performed for Yugoslavia with the song “Ne Pali Svetlo u Sumrak” (Don’t Turn The Lights On At Twilight). Listen Lola – don’t you be telling me what to do. If I want to switch my lights on at twilight or even at 2 o’clock in the afternoon when the sun is shining – I will OK!

Camillo Felgen performed for Luxembourg and sang “Petit Bonhomme” (Little Chap). I’ve not quite worked out whether he is singing about a small man, a little knock at his front door or he just can’t play his turn at dominoes.

Italy were represented by Claudio Villa singing “Addio, Addio” (Goodbye, Goodbye). The only thing I can think about this song is the fact that all the men are still wearing fancy suits. I can’t wait for the crazy costumes to starting appearing.

Monaco put forward François Deguelt and sang a song called “Dis Rien” (Say Nothing). This man has a very big body and a teeny, weeny little head. Enough said!

And the winners? Isabelle Aubret from France got Eurovision glory in 1962 with a song called “Un Premier Amour” (A First Love). As I have said before – someone from France could sing a flat-pack furniture instruction guide and I would still love it. Bonjour!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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