FRESH: 'Gotta Be You' - I Am Nova

FRESH: ‘Gotta Be You’ – I Am Nova

It’s Gotta Be These Guys!

I Am Nova is an upcoming Swedish indie-rock/pop band, starring childhood friends Jonathan Larsson & Carl-Oscar Korenado.

Described by a journalist as “The liveliest live band in Sweden” , the duo made a name for themselves on the underground indie scene the last few years with their energetic and bombastic feel.

Their new single ‘Gotta Be You’ is a midtempo pop/rock/disco-funk song with a high energy singalong chorus that makes everyone wanna move their bodies . ‘Gotta Be You’ is influenced by bands such as OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, DNCE, Maroon 5 and The Weeknd.

“We wrote ‘Gotta Be You’ about a friend of ours who always seemed to have a feeling of loneliness after midnight – especially on weekends. He felt a desperate need for romance and affection, but at the same time he didn’t want to seem needy or desperate.

One night at a bar, he walked up to a girl and delivered the phrase: “I need a girl, and it’s gotta be you”.

It’s a very interesting sentence because “I need a girl” is very desperate, but when he adds “It’s gotta be you”, he thinks that he manages to not seem desperate anymore, but just really into this one girl.”

I Am Nova started in 2012, and was initially a pure passion project. Unexpectedly, the song “I Need” gained huge popularity in their hometown, which inspired the duo to write and release more music.

When their second single “Strangers” was released, they earned a nationwide fan base, which opened the door for I Am Nova to tour with their unique live energy, filling the holes of indie rock hearts all over Sweden.

The duo transforms to an energetic and bombastic band on stage, and varies between being 6-9 band members in their live act. This led them to be called by a journalist as the “liveliest live band in Sweden”.

However, living in different parts of the world – Carl-Oscar in New York City and subsequently on Iceland as a professional football player while Jonathan has studied music production and sound engineering back in Sweden has made it difficult for the duo to pursue and focus on their music. But the shared passion and dedication to write and play their own dynamic and forcefully vigorous music led them both back to the studio where they’ve now spent months and months together, letting everything else go.

“We actually trace it all back to when we were 15 years old and saw Mando Diao live at Malmöfestivalen. At this age, life could be a big blur and we struggled to distilguish between what’s real and not. But the energy we received from standing in the crowd that night filled us both with a drive to create that feeling ourselves. And that drive never went away!”

FRESH: 'Gotta Be You' - I Am Nova

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