Lauren Tannenbaum has just released the debut single from her new music project called Goldë.

by Christopher Smith

Golde Mirror Mirror

“Mirror, Mirror,” the debut single from singer/songwriter Goldë’s most recent project, is a powerful, biting, harmony-driven statement that comes at a much needed time. The lyrics speak for themselves, and the melody is one Goldë hopes will be stuck in the ears of fans, and nemeses alike.

“And it’s same old, same old/blaming the beauty for being bold,” she sings in the pre-chorus; it’s an undeniable challenge to the patriarchal status-quo.

More than an expression of the anger and frustration so many of us feel however, “Mirror, Mirror” is both a balm for challenging times, and a call to action. Catchy, thoughtful, and brazenly unapologetic, this one’s for you.

For more about Goldë, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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Written by aylshamchris

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