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FRESH: ‘Human Error’ – Oh Land

Danish singer Oh Land has just released “Human Error” from her new album today!

Danish singer and composer Nanna Øland Fabricius aka Oh Land releases her beautiful new single “Human Error” ahead of her forthcoming sixth studio album, “Family Tree”, due for release in May.

“Human Error” put simply is beautiful. The song is full of emotion and personal truth following some key moments in her life over the past eighteen months.

Oh Land wrote and produced her first album “Fauna” in 2008 to much critical acclaim. She has released 4 pop albums and two instrumental albums since then, and toured the world many times. As a songwriter she has worked with Sia, John Legend, Pharrell and Tricky, to name a few.

“Family Tree” is her first studio album in 5 years, and is a much more intimate album than anything she’s done before. “Since the release of my latest album, I’ve experienced the biggest ups and downs of my private life,” notes Nanna. “Through it all, music has been the friend who always listens and never judges. In melody and music I’ve found some healing and the songs that have come out of it are deeply personal.”

Oh Land also composes music for film, theater and the classical world, playing with Lang Lang and Joshua Bell at Carnegie Hall, and orchestrating concerts for the Danish Symphony Orchestra in her native Denmark. She collaborated with the Queen of Denmark to create a ballet for the Danish Theatre (2016); created the music for ‘Watermusic’, a multimedia performance for over 15,000 people at Randers Harbor (2017), as well as creating the musical score for the exhibition “The Ship” at Nikolaj Kunsthal in collaboration with Eske Kath. Most recently she reimagined the Danish National Anthem as a dark, dystopian theme song for the new Netflix sci-fi hit “The Rain”.

For more about Oh Land, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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