Who Is Raign?

By Steve McSteveface

I’ve already shared my opinion on the future of the X Factor and I have now let it go completely but there is one thing I’d like to remind everyone about.


A few years ago both female “judges”, but it was mostly Cheryl, openly and, might I add, unprofessionally expressed her dislike for one of the contestants that year – Raign.

I can only imagine it was jealousy. Raign can sing, write, perform, and produce and Cheryl can’t even take a drink without poking herself in the face with a straw.

I think Raign had everything required for whatever having the “X Factor” even means and I could see a brilliant future for her but what has she been up to since the X Factor?

The song “Don’t Let Me Go” she performed in one of the auditions is one of her own and used in the soundtrack to The Vampire Diaries.

She does an awesome cover of “Wicked Game” which has been used in numerous tv shows including Dancing On Ice and America’s Got Talent.

Another original song from her is called “A Queen’s Head” and shows off her creativity, voice and, ahem, other talents.

Raign has also collaborated with a dance act called Swanky Tunes and had a number one hit in Russia with “Fix Me”.

Now, we’ve saved the best for last – in 2018 Raign released her debut album SIGN. Have a listen and prepare to become obsessed with her voice!

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