VIEWS: Christine and the Queens – Choreography

The Queen Of The Dance

By Steve McSteveface

My first introduction to Christine and the Queens was the song ‘Tilted’. Yes, I loved this song instantly and then when I watched the video I was also captivated by the choreography.

I think I have watched every live performance of the song on YouTube with this being one of my favourites…with an added bit of Chaka Khan thrown in for good measure.

None of her other songs quite had the ‘je ne sais quoi for me like ‘Tilted’ did…until ‘5 Dollars’ came along.

Again, this was an instant love when I heard for the first time and it too has a really awesome video.

However awesome the video is it pales in comparison to the live performance. Once more, she delivers epic choreography.

What I love about the dance moves is that they look stunningly simple but there is something so magical about the whole thing for me.


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