FRESH: 'Someone I Can Touch' - J Oppenheim

FRESH: ‘Someone I Can Touch’ – J Oppenheim

Touch Me!

By Steve McSteveface

J Oppenheim has just released the video for his newest single ‘Someone I Can Touch’.

The track represents a perfect amalgamation of soulful vocals and electropop textures and allows the pianist/songwriter to showcase a new aspect of his sound.

Jonathan Oppenheim is an Israeli born and raised electronic musician. Introduced to piano at a young age, by 15 Oppenheim was already exploring the world of synths and sound engineering. Now, as a pianist, singer/songwriter, as well as producer, Oppenheim is a triple threat breaking into the music scene. He has already collaborated with some of Israel’s greatest musicians, such as Berry Saharof, Assaf Amdursky, and “Sheva Company”.

“I spent so much of my life playing and performing for other people. Finally, after wearing so many musical hats, so to speak, throughout my life, I decided it was time to make and perform music for myself. These tracks are “global”. I want the world to hear it. With this next album, I want to reach as many people as I can so that everyone can enjoy.

Oppenheim writes and produces music inspired by his life passions.

Stay tuned for more of his blend of sophisticated soundscapes and harmonies that takes listeners into a different world of sound.

Of course you want more so take a listen to some other songs on Spotify.

FRESH: 'Someone I Can Touch' - J Oppenheim

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