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FRESH: ‘We Are All Mad Here’ – Luna Keller

Vocalist Luna Keller has just released her quirky new single “We Are All Mad Here”!

Songwriter and vocalist Luna Keller, who is no stranger to music has just released her latest track “We Are All Mad Here”. She wrote to us to tell us about the song and how it came about. So I will pass you over to Luna!

“When I first read Alice in wonderland my favorite characters where the mad hatter and his friends. They were different and certainly mad, yet they were together drinking tea and embracing each others peculiarities. Wouldn’t the world be a better place, if we would do this? Instead of condemning each other for our skin color, beliefs, who we love or politics we would embrace diversity and celebrate it in friendship”.

“This is the idea that made me write “We Are All Mad Here”. A song for everyone, that invites you to be a part of a colorful happy crowd that doesn’t judges or discriminates you. But often our attempts for equality and unity end in more division and hatred. That’s why I sing “violence is no solution and this is not a revolution, just a song”. This song doesn’t blame any one, it’s not some kind of lesson for people that aren’t tolerant. It’s just a song about the beauty of being allowed to be different. Because after all, we are all mad here anyway, and that’s ok”.

“The production of “We Are All Made Here” started quite harmless with me and my Dad in our recording studio. After laying down the basic arrangement, we asked our friend Ralf Erkel to add some keyboard tracks and he pushed the boundaries open to the final madness. When Dave Mette played the drum track, we knew it will be a different song from everything we did before. Still something was missing and we thought a trumpet would be a good idea. Eddie Diaz came around one afternoon and nailed it with his trumpet”.

So there you are. Thank you Luna for contacting us and enjoy!

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