Saara Aalto

FRESH: ‘Let It Go’ – Saara Aalto

Breaking The Ice

By Steve McSteveface

Everyone’s favourite Finnish singer has finally released her version of the Disney classic ‘Let It Go’.

I love Saara. She gives everything she does 100% and has never quite been a ‘winner’ so far. From X Factor to Eurovision she just doesn’t seem to get the recognition that we think she deserves.

I mean, she even sang her Eurovision song ‘Monsters’ in 34 different languages! Now, if that isn’t talent then what is?

Saara is currently a contestant on Dancing On Ice and is about to do something that could go soooo right or terribly wrong. She announced this on Twitter…

Good luck Saara! We know that you will SMASH it!

Of course you want more so take a listen to some other songs on Spotify.

FRESH: 'Let It Go' - Saara Aalto

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