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“Take My Advice”, if you want to know what has happened to Kym Sims then read on, because there is “A Little Bit More” coming very soon!

American house/dance music singer and songwriter Kym Sims made her name in the early 1990’s working with legendary DJ and producer Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley both on her own material as well as with other artists, but no sooner had she made her mark, she was off. But where did she go and what happened next…?

Born in August 1966, Kym started her career as an advertising jingle singer but quickly moved into the New York club scene. It was there she met multi-Grammy Award winning producer Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley. The two found they shared the same tastes in music and began working together. Their first effort, “Too Blind To See It” was released to the clubs in the Autumn of 1991 and found its way to No.5 on the US dance chart. The song played well on radio and MTV and made it to No.38 on the Billboard singles chart, but it was in the UK that it found greater success when it was released in November that year, climbing for six weeks and peaking at No.5 in January 1992.

Flushed with this success, her follow up “Take My Advice” was released in the US that same month and equalled “Too Blind”s dance chart placing of No.5 as well as making No.89 on the singles chart. It was released in the UK two months later and peaked at No.13 there as well as charting across Europe and the Far East.

Such was the output of both Sims and Hurley at this point that many of the tracks they wrote together were given away to other artists and groups, most notably the song “Keep On Walkin” that was given to CeCe Peniston who took it to No.1 on the US dance chart, No.15 on the singles chart and No.10 in the UK.

In April Kym released her debut album “Too Blind To See It”, although this was less successful, reaching No.39 in the UK and failing to chart in the US and anywhere else! More successful was her next single “A Little Bit More”, released in the US in May and the UK in June and reaching No.30 there.

Kym slipped away soon after only to resurface again in 1995 with “I Must Be Free” which made No.6 on the US dance chart and its follow up “We Gotta Love” which reached No.9 on the dance chart and No.58 on the UK singles chart. Neither song made the US singles chart.

Since the 1990’s, Kym has continued to record and release material digitally which have included “Just Can’t Get Enough” in 2000, “Good Morning” and “Move Your Feet” in 2013, “One Of Those Nights” in 2014 and “Turn It Up” in 2017, which made No.6 on the US dance chart, her first showing there for twenty one years. In 2015 she re-issued “Take My Advice” as a collection of new mixes and in late 2018 announced a brand new EP called “Dance Floor” with a teaser video having already been released on YouTube! Welcome back Kym!

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