FRESH: 'Dust' - Late Night Thoughts

FRESH: ‘Dust’ – Late Night Thoughts

The Late Night Thoughts That You Actually Want!

By Steve McSteveface

‘Dust’ is the product of a small-town, homegrown acoustic pop duo aiming at a bigger, more universal sound.

“We wanted to take our songwriting to the next level and try our best to innovate. So we wrote a song about moments. Moments that come and go, that fade to dust.”

Late Night Thoughts is a pop duo based out of Waltham, Massachusetts made up of two musicians, Brian Rauch and Michael Harlow. Since meeting at Brandeis University, they have been writing, performing, and building a strong fan base.

After garnering a good following by performing live shows and releasing cover videos, Late Night Thoughts released their first original project Moonlit Memories in May 2018.

This duo certainly have a spark of magic between them that really shines in their songwriting. Such a beautiful combination and it’s a treat for the ears for sure!

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FRESH: 'Dust' - Late Night Thoughts

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