FRESH: 'Going To Berlin' - Karolina Rose

FRESH: ‘Going To Berlin’ – Karolina Rose

The Wharton School grad who traded in Wall Street for the indie pop star life.

By Steve McSteveface

Karolina Rose is a Polish-American singer based in Brooklyn, NYC. She was born and raised in Philadelphia to Polish parents and graduated from the prestigious Wharton School (the business school that has produced the highest number of billionaires in the US).

Karolina made the decision to quit her career in the investment industry in order to commit to making music her full-time profession and will be following up her summer smash ‘Going To Berlin’ with the release of her debut EP INVICTA on February 1st 2019.

The bop’s fist-pumping anthemic chorus uses vibrant and chic Eurobeat synths to tell the tale of a woman who overcomes heartbreak by pursuing her dreams and jet-setting the world’s greatest cities.

“The concept first came to me when I was hanging at the Russian baths in downtown Manhattan with a good friend discussing her growth and how much she’s changed. She had left an old love behind in Europe to move to NYC and fearlessly follow her dreams. She then, of course, went to Berlin…”

Following over a year of tough personal sacrifices and decisions, Karolina Rose’s INVICTA EP merges themes of human strength, courage and determination with dark, angsty electronic production helmed entirely by famed producer Andros Rodriguez (Madonna / Shakira / Florence + The Machine). With its soft twinkling synth sounds and mellow electro beat, the first single ‘Goodnight, Mr. Moon’ is about dealing with grief through dreams and is inspired by personal experiences.

“The word ‘INVICTA’ means unconquered and is found on the coat of arms of Warsaw (the city where my parents come from), so the title represents my strength and who I am. From quitting my job on Wall Street to having to navigate a brand new industry, there was a lot to learn on the journey towards INVICTA’s creation. Following your truth is not always the easy choice. And for that I call the record INVICTA; it is to say ‘I did it’ and I am ready to fight for what I love.”

Karolina’s risk of giving up a stable place in one of the world’s most desirable and lucrative job markets is paying off as she has been playlisted by over 100 radio stations in the US, recently inked a licensing deal with MTV, E!, Netflix, A&E, TLC, The Discovery Channel and NASCAR as well as a publishing deal for ‘Love Crazy’ with The 411 Music Group, whose clientele include HBO and Fox.

“No one can stop me now, from doing what I want to do”

Karolina declares in the first line of INVICTA’s opening number ‘Crystal Gem’, which Karolina wrote as a way to “create a safe space for myself to not judge, to ward off negative thoughts and pursue my art freely when I was quitting my Wall Street job.” Chasing your dreams and going after what you really want can be scary, but Karolina’s story proves more than anyone’s just how rewarding it is to do so.

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FRESH: 'Going To Berlin' - Karolina Rose

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