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FRESH: ‘Party’ – Framed Stories

Italian production duo Framed Stories have just released their new track “Party”!

by Christopher Smith

Framed Stories is a new duo of Italian producers composed of Andrea Viola and Nicola Tarantino and they have just released their first brand new track for 2019, “Party” – so let’s dance!

“Party” is just that, a classic dancefloor electro-pop number that will have you moving and grooving anytime of the day and night.

In the past they had two separate projects always within the EDM world with two different sound styles. In 2016, the two boys join together to form a new group: Framed Stories, a project that follows a Funky Pop line, proposing a revisitation of an 80’s style with all current influences and nuances, typical of a fresh and contemporary pop.

Their first single was released in the summer of 2018 called “You Don’t Know”, and immediately outlines their distinct sound, accompanied by a pleasant and funky rhythm. Framed Stories are supported by many important artists who were impressed by their electronic sound and special funky notes.

Framed Stories is not about what’s trending now, but what’s cool indefinitely.

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You can follow Framed Stories on INSTAGRAM and also at their FACEBOOK page

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