FRESH: 'Soft In The Head' - G9

FRESH: ‘Soft In The Head’ – G9

Well? Are You?

By Steve McSteveface

G9 is a driven indie rock group based in Moscow, Russia. Their sound is engaging and direct, yet catchy and appealing.

They have just released the blood pumping single ‘Soft In The Head’.

The song is very personal for the band and is based on the vocalist’s childhood in Russia, filled with positive energy and motivation.

“Has your Mom ever told that you’re childish, that you need to grow up, that you need to take everything more serious? Are you 15, 25, 35, 45 or 55? Yeah, that happened to all of us no matter how old we are, and this song is just about it. The main slogan of the song is “We’re all soft in the head”. It means that we all are more or less childish inside, and that’s good, because we are beautiful as we are, and we don’t need to change.”

 One of the most striking things about their music is the ability to influx their songs with energy and positivity, creating a very uplifting experience for their audience. Their catchy riffs and upbeat rhythms are a great match with the warm and authentic feel of their performances, and stage antics. With their music, G9 are all about spreading love, positivity, connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

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FRESH: 'Soft In The Head' - G9

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