VIEWS: Say Hey To The Amazon Echo Dot

REVIEWS: Say Hey To The Amazon Echo Dot

“Alexa, play my favourite song!”

by Spencer Carter

How many times over the past few months have you heard those words echoed?

If, like me, it’s many, many times then you may well have done exactly the same as I did – which is to go out and buy one of those blessed devices!

My choice was the “echo dot” and I was promised that it would offer a 1.6 size speaker and allow me to stream music as and when I choose and also control compatible smart home devices.

I have to say, setting up the dot was really straightforward. I simply followed the easy step guide to downloading the Alexa app, the followed then instructions and that was it. Off she went, playing whatever music I asked for (via my subscription to Amazon music).

Now, it may just be me, but there is a slight downside to having a device such as this. It could well be my age (just about to cross the line into my 50s *sobs silently*) but it is quite unnerving to have the device just sit there and come to life when you speak.

It’s very unsettling and if you aren’t careful, you
can also get easily caught up in the online hysteria and urban myths about Alexa recording every conversation you have in her vicinity.

For anyone old enough to remember the film, it’s all very “War Games”.

And once the novelty wears off, you may feel (like me) that it now just sits there – occasionally glowing to let you know she’s still alive – gathering dust?

I realise that I probably have only just cracked the surface when it comes to functionality and uses, but hey, I go at my own speed.

Hey Alexa don’t judge me or I’ll unplug you!

This little music box of wonders still fascinates me, so I will be reading up and learning more to understand, but when you think back to 20 years ago, the thought that you could be simply asking a piece of technology to do something would have blown your mind. Well unless you watched ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and wanted to call Santa that is…

I guess I need to get on board with technology?

What about you are you an Alexa or a Google fan?

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