REVIEW: 'So Good' - Zara Larsson

REVIEW: ‘So Good’ – Zara Larsson

Written by The Lazy Music Reviewer

This is the latest review by the Lazy Music Reviewer. He is too busy listening to and promoting lots of awesome music (ahem and has a full time job) that he simply doesn’t have time to do an in-depth review (or maybe he is just not a good enough writer to write one – you decide) but he still wants to “review”.

So, the way he works is he will sum up each song in just a few words (sometimes even one word – he’s just that lazy) and then also link via other people’s words to other more in depth reviews (because he’s wicked and he’s lazy) for your reading pleasure because it’s always good to get more than one person’s opinion, right?

So Good is the second studio album by Swedish singer and songwriter Zara Larsson, and her first released internationally.

It was released on 17 March 2017. The album was originally scheduled to be released in May 2016 and then in January 2017; however, it was delayed so that changes could be made to a number of tracks.

‘So Good’ reached number 7 in the UK album charts.


1 – What They Say

“what they say is this album is going to be awesome!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

pleasant enough“, The Line Of Best Fit

” the while giving us a great pop track that we can play on repeat and never get tired of”, Outlet

2 – Lush Life

windows down, volume up“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

the best summer jam since Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass“, NME

The rubbery bounce of Lush Life – the sixth biggest track of 2016 – is naggingly catchy, and there’s also a lot of parody“, The Guardian

3 – I Would Like

you should know me by now!“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a surprising, slinky house tune”, NME

catchy and collected“, The Line Of Best Fit

4 – So Good

so good until 1:57“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

the pop-ballad that never achieved major chart success“, Outlet

lightly gilded in golden era R&B pop and polished with clean, modern production, albeit blemished by Ty Dollar $ign’s crass and unnecessary cameo“, The Line Of Best Fit

5 – TG4M

bitter sweet“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

an emotional pop song that works nicely after So Good“, Outlet

lays self-deprecating lyrics over percolating electro beats“, NME

6 – Only You

dirty, dirty“, The Lazy Reviewer

a total upgrade from the past two songs“, Outlet

a slowly lolloping, quasi-reggae track about masturbation“, The Guardian

7 – Never Forget You

not so keen on the drum n bass“, The Lazy Reviewer

teams her emotively with fellow pop talent MNEK“, NME

proved her adeptness at the darker and dramatic side of pop, and showcased her a rhythmic flair in her voice to match her melody“, The Line Of Best Fit

8 – Sundown

sorry, I don’t want to get on the bounce“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a total stand-out track on the album“, Outlet

Larsson owes an obvious debt to Rihanna“, NME

9 – Don’t Let Me Be Yours

Larsson and chill“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a typically melodic Ed Sheeran co-write“, NME

does not sound of the same chart-leading calibre as its predecessors“, The Line Of Best Fit

10 – Make That Money Girl

it’s a song about prostitutes, right?“, The Lazy Reviewer

the forgettable song on the album“, Outlet

11 – Ain’t My Fault

some parts are irritating, there I said it“, The Lazy Reviewer

brings back any straying listeners“, Outlet

drops emotional sentiment in favour of sexual desire“, The Line Of Best Fit

12 – One Mississippi

a nice song to help learn counting in time“, The Lazy Reviewer

showcases her falsetto with clever lyrics that we’ll be reading up on later so that we can sing-along next time it’s played“, Outlet

13 – Funeral

skip the chorus“, The Lazy Reviewer

flooded with passion“, Outlet

14 – I Can’t Fall In Love Without You

“beautiful!”, The Lazy Reviewer

a saccharine vanilla“, The Line Of Best Fit

will enter your heart and break it apart“, Outlet

15 – Symphony

ooo, I do love this!“, The Lazy Reviewer

This song has clearly just been added to the end of the album, and it’s totally out of place“, Outlet

What are your thoughts? Can you sum this album up in one sentence? Go on – be lazy, you know you want to!

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