Pete Cautious

FRESH: ‘Been A Long Night’ – Pete Cautious

US indie rock/pop star Pete Cautious promotes his funky track “Been A Long Night” and his self-titled debut album!

by Christopher Smith

Pete Cautious is a Chicago based indie rocker making the scene with sunny jams and he is currently promoting the track “Been A Long Night” from his self-titled debut album that was released only a few days ago! If you love cool pop/rock then this is for you!

“Been A Long Night” is a song about infidelity, something many people have experienced one way or another. Like many of Pete’s songs, this one defies genre labels, going from a bizzaro sun bathed dance tune to a psychedelic jam. The chord changes on the chorus are not heard everyday, but they never lose their forward momentum.

Pete’s self-titled album is just that, a mixture of cool, dreamy pop cum indie-pop tracks with a hint of 80’s teen movie and 90’s Brit pop. Highlights include the velvety “The Only Girl”, the Human League-esque “I’m Your Man” and the jazz/funk coffee shop smoothie “Go On Shire”, and of course the stupendous “Been A Long Night”, complete with some dramatic drumming that makes you so sure you’re at the end of the track and then, it continues! Enjoy!

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