FRESH: 'Is Anybody Out There?' - Y the Ghost

FRESH: ‘Is Anybody Out There?’ – Y the Ghost

Hello, hello – can you hear them?

By Steve McSteveface

Since Y the Ghost’s enigmatic debut in 2015 with the simultaneously world-weary and uplifting song ‘Is Anybody Out There?’ pop soloist Jacoby Elliott has been on a daring quest to find love and immortality.

‘Is Anybody Out There’ was the debut single released back in March 2015, but then finally re-released on the debut full-length “Can U Hear Me?” in fall 2018. It’s a simultaneously world-weary and uplifting song about diving into the unknown completely on your own in order to find a place in the world where you belong. I’m sending it out to sea like a message in a bottle in hopes that it might touch people.

Channeling influences varying from ’80s pop to dramatic film scores, the debut album entitled ‘Can U Hear Me?’ (independently released in fall 2018) is an emotional roller-coaster ride from glittering start to smoky finish, traveling through each layer of his psyche along the way. Describing itself as “gritty supernatural pop”, Y the Ghost harnesses both visual and sonic elements in a heartfelt attempt to bring genuine passion and depth to the often hollow world of Pop music — all of this while exploring abstract themes centered around identity, persona, and emotion.

“The synth dynamo reveals signs of his spirit as he channels deep, primitive emotions creating a cinematic score for a story that innocently draws from childhood magic while curiously hinting at the dark and supernatural .. a pleasurable piece of work showing many sides to the man behind the music. It is a very passionate and self-expressive work of art composed with devotion and impressionism.” – Impose Magazine

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FRESH: 'Is Anybody Out There?' - Y the Ghost

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