FRESH: ‘Awake’ – Struan

US singer Struan releases his electric second single “Awake”!

by Christopher Smith

US indie-pop singer and songwriter Struan has just released his second only single “Awake”, described by Struan himself thus: “I wrote this song because I was out in LA and couldn’t sleep thinking about my ex!”.

Struan (Shields) hails from Arlington, VA but currently lives and works in Nashville. The electrifying “Awake” follows from his superb debut “Better” last year, which was Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Poptronix and is itself a gorgeous pop ballad with 80’s vibes in a 21st century setting.

Struan describes his music as “for late night drives when all you can think about is her, the smell of her hair on a summer evening, nostalgia for just 5 minutes ago, rooftops, and insomnia at 3AM on your friends couch”. With exposure, Struan is going to go far with these two mighty and outstanding tracks.

For more about Struan, check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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