FRESH: ‘Space Or Time’ – Agnese

Latvian singer Agnese releases her incredible new single “Space Or Time”!

by Christopher Smith

19 year old Latvian singer Agnese has just released the third single of her career, “Space Or Time” and what a tune! Electrifying, atmospheric and uplifting are just three words that can sum up this outstanding tune and adds to a very promising outlook for this young artist.

Agnese Stengrevics was born in Riga in March 1999 and released her debut single “The Best Thing I Never Had”, a solid, stirring down tempo number, in 2015. She followed this with the feel good anthem “You Are My World” in 2017, each song utilising soaring synth beats and rhythms, and Agnese’s gorgeous and often powerful voice, commanding each line with confidence and class.

Agnese was born into a musical family, her father is a noted composer and arranger and her mother was formerly a singer herself as well as a talented musician. Agnese lived and breathed music from a young age and although she developed a love of figure skating, music now takes first place and believes it is the only world in which to express her feelings and experiences and to seek her true self.

Already Agnese has proven this with three incredible, euphoric songs to both dance to and be swept away by Agnese’s vocal range and by the power that each anthem grabs your attention and makes you play them over and over again many times. If Agnese hasn’t yet found a wide audience for her talents, it won’t be long before she does. Keep your ears well peeled this year, Agnese is coming!

For more about Agnese, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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