FRESH: 'House On A Rocky Road' - Maya Lavelle

FRESH: ‘House On A Rocky Road’ – Maya Lavelle

So Quirky And So Awesome!

By Steve McSteveface

Maya Lavelle conjures phantasmagorical sounds that twist reality and take us on a peculiar journey.

A Dutch singer-songwriter who is also the producer and composer of her music invites you to escape with her ethereal voice and electronic cinematic pop vibes.

Take a look at her latest release ‘House On A Rocky Road’.

To create a phantasmagorical world with quirky places and eccentric characters Maya Lavelle produces her own samples like recording the insects and birds in Brazil and blending with a string orchestra. Join her on this peculiar journey embraced with crossovers between electronic and classical music styles. As well being the singer-songwriter, she composes the cinematic arrangements, creating a very colorful and unique identity. To make arrangements more unique she would build her own instruments and produce sounds that can perfectly visualize the twisted reality.

Maya says she is not imprisoned by standards and trends in music, hence she loves to experiment with bringing new elements to the sound that are exciting and original despite of commercial success. Her extravagant and avant-garde appearance is in counterpoint with the whimsical world she is creating to portray stories that will give you a full experience!

Maya loves exploring forgotten paths and abandoned buildings which inspire her next to travelling to far places and going to the cinema.

She absolutely has a unique sound and I love it! It reminds me a little of Marina and The Diamonds with an even quirkier twist.

I look forward to hearing more!

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FRESH: 'House On A Rocky Road' - Maya Lavelle

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