California-based producer Jay Bird teams with NJ singer Clay Agnew for “Hold On”.

by Christopher Smith

Californian producer Jay Bird has recently released his latest track “Hold On” and has brought in New Jersey singer Clay Agnew to perform vocals to provide a mix of emotive and melodic electronic music for listeners to immerse themselves in.

After years of pushing a Folk Rock project, The Jay Birds, that received support from well known acts such as Fleet Foxes, Jay Bird converted electronic with the intention of making dance music that held true to the organic feel of his folk roots. In addition to producing Jay Bird has taken his music across the Golden State performing in cities including San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Oakland, and more. “Hold On” is his thirteenth single release since his debut “What Goes Around” in 2017.

Jay says of the song: “It is very common for romantic relationships to create certain pressures for one or both partners that usually revolve around a race towards a deeper commitment. Conflict arises when one half of the couple is pumping the gas while the other is slamming the breaks. No matter how strong the love and the bond is between the two, this type of situation can quickly lead to things spinning out of control. “Hold On” is a song that tells this story from the perspective of the lover who is expressing their desire to slow things down and take it easy. No one can decide for any couple what the right pace to move forward in a relationship is, but the message here is that peace and enjoyment can exist in the moment if you let go of your agenda and learn to appreciate what you already have in front of you”.

Jay offers a mix of emotive and melodic electronic music to move both the minds and bodies of listeners. With a diverse background in music spanning between folk, indie rock, and electronic music, his work has formed into his own unique, Indie Electronic style. After experiencing a Bassnectar festival a few years back, Jay produced his first electronic song the next day and has continued to experiment with fusing his musical influences together ever since. The vision for his project is to make uplifting dance music that holds true to the organic feel of his folk roots. Beyond producing, Jay Bird has taken his music across the Golden State, performing in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Oakland and more.

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Written by aylshamchris

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