Josefine Landelius

FRESH: ‘Who’s To Say?’ – Josefine Landelius

Swedish singer/songwriter Josefine Landelius releases her new single “Who’s To Say?”.

by Christopher Smith

26 year old singer and songwriter Josefine Landelius has just released her second single “Who’s To Say?”, co-written with Shalisa Taylor and produced by Fabian Santacruz, and the follow up to her debut “Home”, released last year.

Josefine hails from Stockholm and her interest for music has been following her since she was young with dreams of singing and performing all over the world. Through the years she’s had a hard time believing in herself and never followed the dreams she had as a child. She followed another passion and became a chef. After a few years in the industry she decided to take the step and pursue her dreams, or at least to try. She studied music for two years before releasing “Home” in March 2018.

Her lyrics are both honest and emotional stories that she wishes to inspire and make people feel hope. Josefine has been inspired by many of her favourite artists who include Adele, Coldplay, One Republic and Ariana Grande. Josefine adds that “Who’s To Say?” is “a song written to make people thrilled about their desires and confident about their capabilities. So despite what other people tell you. Go chase that dream of yours, because, who’s to say you can’t dream?”.

Go Josefine! We’re backing you all the way!

For more about Josefine, check out her FACEBOOK page

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