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FRESH: ‘Left Him At The Party’ – Scarlett Taylor

US singer Scarlett Taylor releases her latest single “Left Him At The Party”.

by Christopher Smith

LA based singer Scarlett Taylor has just released her latest single “Left Him At The Party”, taken from her current extended play “Crystal Poles” that was released late last year. The EP is her third since her first “3” was released in 2017. Scarlett has been recording since 2015 when released her debut single “Purple Bones” and her debut album “Lucid”. Her second album “Churches” was released in 2016.

Scarlett Taylor is an American singer and songwriter. She is a professional recording artist signed to independent record label Borderline Musick. Originally based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Taylor jump-started her career in the twin cities with the recording and release of her first four albums. She supported these releases with shows at various venues such as Seventh Street Entry at First Avenue and the Fine Line. Scarlett currently resides and works out of Los Angeles, California where she has performed at venues such as The Whisky A Go Go and The Rainbow Room.

Singing and writing from a very young age, Scarlett’s interest in music was evident from the beginning. She grew up listening to many different music genres – including Deftones, Evanescence, Enya, Amy Winehouse – in which she says have heavily influenced her writing and musical style over the years. Singing in the choir at church and school, as well as being involved heavily in theatre, were part of Taylor’s everyday life. She also played clarinet for five years, which she attributes to her sense of beat and rhythm. Her senior year of high school she was assigned to sing “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper for a high school production. Taylor not only discovered the true strength and power of her voice, but found she had natural performance skills. It was this same year she met her producer, Disraeli Davis, by chance at her part-time job at Subway. Taylor and Davis started creating together, and found they both had very similar writing style and enjoyed the same sound/genre of music.

Scarlett attended Concordia University in Saint Paul for one year following high school graduation, originally working towards a BA in theatre. She ultimately decided her music career was most important and withdrew following her freshman year. Different from “Lucid,” each album progressively got more up-tempo. Taylor and Davis experimented with different sounds, ultimately finding that “dark pop” complimented her style and voice best. She supported each release with live shows, street promotion, and social media. Her video for “Children Of The Sun” generated more buzz, again being featured in the City Pages. Her release of “Heaven Punk” in 2018 was brooding and dramatic. After a long term relationship break-up in August of 2017, and her long-estranged mother tried to re-enter her life, Taylor got major inspiration for the album.

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