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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Victoria Beckham – ‘Posh Spice’

The Spice Girls today – Part Two: ‘Posh Spice’ – Victoria Beckham

by Mark Keen

Victoria, ‘Posh Spice’ to her fans, never claimed to be the greatest singer, but nevertheless her solo career was hotly anticipated at one point. We’re going to revisit the highlights and gloss over the lowlights. Posh had some noticeable charts battles with both Kylie and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Victoria is not returning to the Spice Girls for their Summer dates and despite her limited vocal range will nevertheless be sadly missed, but she’s happier designing clothes these days. I think I have a pair of her socks somewhere!

Victoria had a date with the vocoder for her first hit, the 2000 collaboration with Dane Bowers (then a big a name with Another Level) and Truesteppers, “Out Of Your Mind”. Victoria endured a chart battle with SEB who was about to release “Groovejet”. It was a battle Victoria would lose, but she still managed a sizeable UK number 2 hit. Apparently the single includes a sample of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”! Nevertheless a good start for Victoria and her chum.

Victoria signed a solo deal with Virgin and her proper debut solo hit followed with “Not Such An Innocent Girl” in 2001. Another chart battle loomed with Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head“. This really was a one horse race with Victoria barely leaving the starting gates, limping in at a disappointing number six in the UK while Kylie ‘slaughtered’ everything in sight for weeks and weeks.

Victoria followed it up with her underperforming eponymous debut (and only) album limping to a peak of number ten despite costing a penny or two, and again facing competition with Kylie and her “Fever” album. She was the last of the Spices to release a solo album, and perhaps interest was waning after the Spice Girls underperforming third album (although I always loved “Holler”).

Victoria released a further single with “A Mind Of Its Own” in February 2002. You don’t remember it? Join the club! It again peaked at number 6. A further single “I Wish” was rumoured, but Victoria was now busy with her enviable role of having another baby with David Beckham – was this Romeo? Brooklyn was the first! It was rumoured Posh was dropped by her label at the time.

In 2002 Posh signed what was reported to be a massive deal with Telstar. In 2003 she would release the first fruits of this deal with the double header “Let Your Head Go/This Groove” charting at number three, which would turn out to be her last single. There was a quite bonkers video, where Posh finally showed a sense of humour.

Posh was reported to be recording two albums, entitled “Open Your Eyes” and “Come Together”, but they never materialised. The collapse of Telstar may have been a factor, although the lack of genuine interest was clearly another.

Posh would return to the Spice’s reunion greatest hits and tour in 2007, which resulted in the single “Headlines”.

And who can forget the Spice’s performance at the 2012 Olympics in London. Posh obviously realised this could not be topped, and has gracefully retired from her singing career.

Next time, we will focus on another Spice Girl’s solo career – Geri, the ginger one!

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