Sthlm Transit Club

FRESH: ‘Pretend’ – Sthlm Transit Club

Swedish group Sthlm Transit Club release their second single “Pretend”.

by Christopher Smith

Seven piece Swedish band Sthlm Transit Club have just released their second single “Pretend”, the follow up to “Garden” that saw their debut last month.

Sthlm Transit Club is a music collective based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Canadian-born frontman and public transit enthusiast Steve Motion blends the sensitive songwriting and warm personalities of Justin Vernon, Lionel Richie, Chris Martin and Joni Mitchell with an added touch of 21st century urgency. Sthlm Transit Club’s music is as spontaneously playful as it is impulsively emotional.

Sthlm Transit Club are Agnes Jensen, Arvid Lindström, Frej Forsman, Niklas Levedahl, Olle Ahlsson, Olle Ronach and Stéphane Siewecke. The group only came together last year (2018) and signed with RIP Cheeze Mountain records.

For more about Sthlm Transit Club, check out their official FACEBOOK page

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