FRESH: ‘The View At Bethlehem’ – Kleptokrat

US group Kleptokrat release “The View At Bethlehem” from their forthcoming EP.

by Christopher Smith

Kleptokrat were formed in 2016, when bassist Danilo Randjic-Coleman assembled the quintet to perform a collection of songs he had written over the past decade. The musician’s varied styles lend the music its uncommon energy; Carter and Taylor have extensive jazz backgrounds, whereas Esner and Galatro’s experience lies mainly in rock and metal. The tension between the two gives the band its signature. The songs themselves glimmer with flecks of soul, afrobeat, psych, and many others: the parts often appearing without warning but never out of place.

The quintet’s latest EP “Momentarily, to Grace” is as subversive as it is accessible. Here, the band’s synergy is on full display as the musicians navigate the deceptively complex compositions with ease. The EP’s curious name is a typical Kleptokratic gesture. “We stole it from Jimmy Carter’s press secretary’s obit” Coleman says with a slight chuckle.

The first single from the five-song EP is “The View At Bethlehem”. The track subjects sensual female vocals and sublime jazz melodicism to a wildly careening musical arrangement. Lyrically, it paints an emotion-packed portrait of a rough patch during tour life. Nonetheless, shares Taylor, “it does end on a hopeful note”.

Despite the band’s wry wit and playfully mischievous musicality, Kleptokrat is a creative outlet Coleman takes very seriously. “I feel like I started doing my own music late for a musician. Being able to go out and play this music, finding a vibe between us, and connecting with other people has been very momentous”.

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