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TV: Kylie on Top Of The Pops!

Kylie on Top Of The Pops – a video playlist!

Top Of The Pops was THE premier and longest running music show on British television of all time. Broadcast every week for 42 years from 1964 to 2006, its half hourly slot ensured the newest and latest records got heard by the music buying public and an appearance by any artist or group was a 99.9% guarantee that their record would shoot up the chart the following week.

From January 1988 until its sad and lamented end, Kylie Minogue made dozens of appearances, promoting the thirty nine singles she released during that period. With a few exceptions, virtually all of them saw Kylie take to the stage, often with more than one performance for each song, and especially if she was number one – that meant an airing every week till she had been toppled – and she spent a total of nineteen weeks on top in all including the three weeks that “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” (1989) was number one!

So here is a video playlist of all those Top Of The Pops performances from the very beginning in chronological order and ending with her “Rhythm Of Love” medley in 2004 to promote her “Ultimate Kylie” album that had been released that Christmas.

It’s interesting that Kylie did not appear in the studio for “I Should Be So Lucky” which saw an ‘alternative’ video of her driving about Sydney made and broadcast every week she was at number one. From 1992 it was generally expected that artists would perform live and not mime to their songs and so from “Give Me Just A Little More Time”, Kylie gives a truly live performance of each single from then on.

As the years and decades pass, these performances and memories slip further into the archives of British television and the loss of Top Of The Pops is still felt and missed by so many. It was a direct and regular access to music fans to see their favourite acts without having to pay to go to a concert and it did wonders for record sales in a time when the only way of ‘owning’ music was in its physical format.

So pull up a memory or two and let’s take a trip back more than thirty years and see just how Kylie and her music has evolved and how she herself has always remained current and popular. This is why she is still with us today and continues to write and record chart topping records, and perform to tens of thousands of fans every year. Amen.

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