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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Alyson Williams

Yes her with the BIG hats! Remember Alyson? She needed your lovin back in 1989, but what happened after that?

Alyson Williams was born in New York City in 1962 and began her career as a backing singer for a number of artists from the very early 1980’s including Melba Moore and Bobby Brown. She released her debut solo single “Yes We Can Can” in 1986 but it didn’t do anything. The following year she recorded the duet “Make You Mine Tonight” with Chick Stanley which made an appearance on the US R&B chart.

Alyson would have to wait till January 1989 with her third single “Sleep Talk” which shot up the US charts and peaked at No.3 there. It reached No.17 in the UK in March that year.

Her debut album “My Love Is So Raw” followed and peaked at No.25 in the US and No.29 in the UK. The title track served as the second single reaching No.28 in the US and No.34 in the UK. “Just Call My Name” and “I Second That Emotion” were also released but failed to make the same impression.

It would be at the beginning of 1990 that Alyson got her biggest hit with “I Need Your Lovin'” which made No.5 in the US and No.8 in the UK.

Her second, self-titled album followed in late 1991 and included the singles “Not On The Outside”, “Can’t Have My Man”, “Just My Luck” and “Everybody Knew But Me”, all of which charted on the US R&B chart but nowhere else. The album stalled at No.31 in America.

Things went quiet for Alyson after that as she took up acting, returning to music in 2004 with her third album, the appropriately titled “It’s About Time”. She has continued to play live and make appearances as well as on NY Radio. In 2016 she released her Christmas song “Happy Holiday”. And who knows, maybe she still finds time to wear those MASSIVE hats that always seemed to be glued to her head?!

Alyson Williams today

You can follow Alyson on TWITTER and at her Facebook page – Alyson Williams, The First Lady Of Def Jam

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