Ben Austen

FRESH: ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ – Ben Austen

UK singer/songwriter Ben Austen releases his debut single “Don’t Let Me Go”!

by Christopher Smith

British singer, songwriter and multi-talented musician Ben Austen has just made available his debut single “Don’t Let Me Go”, but if you want to know what it’s all about…that’s down to you!

Ben says “I’ve written songs for myself and other people for over 10 years and played piano, guitar, drums and sang for nearly 20 years so it’s good to finally put something out officially. The song lyrics are quite deep and important to me, but I don’t like to say exactly what they’re about, it’s nice to keep it completely open to interpretation”.

Let us know what you decide and we will forward to Ben for an answer!

You can keep in touch with Ben and follow him through INSTAGRAM

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