Kai Mata

FRESH: ‘Good Morning, Beautiful’ – Kai Mata

Indonesian singer/songwriter Kai Mata showcases “Good Morning, Beautiful” from her debut album.

by Christopher Smith

Heartfelt emotions emanate from her guitar, while truth flows through her lyrics as she invites you into her world. Kai Mata is an Indonesian-American singer/songwriter whose personal lyrics and soulful voice transports her listeners into her wild journey. Begin that journey with “Good Morning, Beautiful” from her debut album “Time To Shine”.

Kai is a twenty-year-old who has spent the past seven years exploring the Earth, and thus herself. Since her early childhood years, Kai has used music as a method to express herself to others in a way they not only understand, but can relate to in ways beyond words. Her 2015 self-released EP “I Barely Passed” was recorded in her childhood bedroom, depicting her transition from teenager to young adult. Emotions moved to the forefront, and vulnerable honesty rang in the air at every show she performed across Egypt’s Sinai Desert; tears were of no shortage in the dry desert.

Her debut album “Time to Shine” is a bright and bold declaration of her new era, taking control of her destiny. It implements a folksy beat to depict the joy of life, magic of love, shadows casted by light, and the heartbeat that conducts the journey. As a proud member of the LGBT community, “Good Morning, Beautiful” expresses the joys of waking up every morning with love uninhibited, free to share and explore. With a fresh day, the subtle, ethereal synthesizers create an angelic vibe, further emphasized the harmonic choir chanting in exultation.

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