Darson and Friend

FRESH: ‘One Of A Kind’ – Darson and Friend

Danish duo Darson and Friend highlight “One Of A Kind” from their debut album “Reset”.

by Christopher Smith

Introducing Danish songwriting and performing duo Darson and Friend and their cool, electro-pop track “One Of A Kind” taken from their debut album “Reset”.

Tomas Thordarson & Henrik Raabo are the two main men behind the Danish band Darson & Friend. They released their debut album ”Reset” June 2018, a Pop record with catchy soulful pop songs in a earpleasing production by Lars Nissen (Laid Back, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Michael Ruff, Leila K. Andrew Strong, Brainstorm, Beastie Boys, Randi Laubek).

The duo’s first release from the album was the track “Keep Holding On” nearly a year ago, an effortlessly beautiful soul track with hints of jazz that the duo made their first video for soon after. The album is enthused with everything from 80’s reggae (“Get To Me Sooner”) to the Jamiroquai-esque “I Was Lost” and the Motown feeling of “Take Me To A Place”. A talkaboutpopmusic.com recommended listen!

For more about Darson and Friend, check out their official FACEBOOK page

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