Eurovision 2019 – Austria

By Steve McSteveface

The Austria song is called ‘Limits and is performed by PAENDA.


At the age of 14, PAENDA wrote her first songs, while also learning how to play the guitar and piano in order to implement them musically. When it became clear that music was not just a passionate hobby for her, she moved to Vienna to study jazz. Several music projects followed, until she launched her project PAENDA in 2015.

As a solo artist, she did not only compose and write her own songs, she also started to produce her own music. PAENDA says: “As a young girl in the school choir, I would not even have dared to dream about that.” Her first singles Waves and Good Girl attracted some attention, her debut album EVOLUTION I was received with great enthusiasm. Her second album, consistently titled EVOLUTION II will be released on the 26th of April.

PAENDA admitted she really wanted to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest at some point in her life: “When I was watching the Eurovision Song Contest on ORF in the past few years, I knew that if the opportunity presented itself, I would very much like to become part of it and compete for Austria. Music becomes a universal language, boundaries dissolve and it is shown that love is colorful, diverse and can not be classified in any drawer. The contest is a bridge builder that manages to unite different cultures and religions for a while. Now I’m allowed to sing for Austria and I am overwhelmed. It really means a lot to me to be part of this message to the world.”



Coming Soon


I was expecting a bit more from this to be honest. She looks like a funky lady but I just found myself waiting for the song to really get going and it never did. Disappointing.


It will qualify and will pick up a few points but won’t really bother the left hand side of the board.


“[Verse 1]
Mind’s got to move, but I’m so trapped within me
Expanded all my limits too carelessly
I’m calling all the time to get me back alive
‘Cause nothing really makes sense no more
But I’m [sat?] on hopes [?] anymore
‘Cause the face in the mirror just couldn’t be clearer
Right back from me
And how I’d like to say we’ll be better tomorrow
Or any day[Chorus]
Yeah, I’m talking ’bout you, you, you
And the luck you’re trying to find
You, you, you
And how hard you try to hide it

[Verse 2]
I sensed the pain, but it doesn’t hurt anymore
It’s even number than the ache I felt before
So I smile for a while, let the torture begin now
The pressure on my chest becomes almost routine, oh
It’s not like I don’t care, but there’s nothing left to bear

Yeah, I’m talking ’bout you, you, you
And the love you’re trying to find
You, you, you
And how hard you try to hide it

And I’m letting it all come crushing down
Come breaking in
It’s like the rain just left [?]

And I’m talking ’bout you, you, you
And the love you’re trying to find
You, you, you
And how hard you try to hide it”

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