FRESH: ‘Easy’ – Subshine

Norwegian writer and performer Subshine breathes his new single “Easy”.

by Christopher Smith

Songwriting is walking. Walking, often for hours in the stunning Norwegian landscape, Ole Gunnar Gundersen crafts his Neo-Synthpop without even picking up an instrument. Then put him in a room with 80’s era synthesizers and his unique pop sensibilities do the rest.

“Easy” is a refreshing up-beat pop song, with a tiny touch of War On Drugs and White Lies, soaring in a 80’s synth-landscape. Subshine is Ole’s new bandproject. He’s the former singer and songwriter in Lorraine (a major Sony BMG UK signing) He’s one of the best songwriters we’ve got in Scandinavia at the moment.

“Easy” is Subshine’s second release from his upcoming album “Easy Window” – released on April 26th. It follows “Your Love”, a song about love, stripped for illusions and perfection. Where things are broken and everything feels right. When Ole fronted Lorraine they were bestowed with a BT Music award (Channel 4) Best electronic act in 2006. They did in total over 500 gigs, and also toured with Pet Shop Boys.

Following the break up of the band, Ole formed Subshine and released his self-titled debut single in 2013 and followed this with an EP of 6 tracks later that year. Both “Your Love” and the track “Florence” were released last year and will feature on the album “Easy Window”.

You can follow Subshine on TWITTER and through his FACEBOOK page

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