Ana Galeli

FRESH: ‘All Because Of You’ – Ana Galeli

US singer Ana Galeli releases her second single “All Because Of You”.

by Christopher Smith

After spending time collaborating with the French electronic-pop duo Ravages, Ana Galeli has released her new single “All Because Of You”, in part with her premiere EP set to be released later in the year.

This cinematic track features a vast range of sultry low end vocals with a surprising and dramatic twist of high pop vocals. It is an ode to Paris in reflection to past lovers. Written and sung by 23 yearold Ana, a Brazilian indie-pop artist from Los Angeles, at Interference Studios in Paris, France in collaboration with the French indie-rock duo, Ravages, formally known as Exsonvaldes.

Ana Galeli’s music has a bent toward indie-pop. Her sultry low tones blended with a wide range of pop vocals are essential to her sound. Raised in Los Angeles, CA, her songwriting reflects on her experience growing up in the West LA neighborhood embodied as a monochrome being in a colorful world with a curiosity for French culture. Galeli’s music explores themes of hope and deliverance paired with melancholic sounds.

Compared to Lana Del Rey and Marina & The Diamonds, Ana Galeli is inspired by Nu-disco and synth-pop based on song-oriented roots. With a multicultural background, since the age of 5 she has sung in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. “All Because Of You” is the follow up to “In The Moment” released last year.

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