Chiara Oldano

FRESH: ‘Fluorescently’ – Chiara Oldano

Italian born singer-songwriter Chiara Oldano debuts with “Fluorescently”!

by Christopher Smith

Italian born and bred singer-songwriter Chiara Oldano has released her debut single titled “Fluorescently”. The song is the first from an EP that consists of four songs coherent with a central theme; finding that inner power to achieve your goals, overcoming whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Despite not studying music in school, Chiara spent 15 years developing her technique in styles such as opera, gospel and soul. Before starting university, she attended a summer programme at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now in her final year at the University of Exeter studying Marketing and Management. In her second year of university, Chiara formed the band Chiara and The Vu which went on to perform at festivals alongside notable artists including Cascada, Wheatus and Example. The singer has also been invited to perform at The Oblique Life’s Sunday Night Live twice in 2018.

Chiara’s inspiration and drive came from her experience in the academic system, where she found creative subjects undervalued. She sees her EP as her own personal revolution against the experience she faced whilst in education. Beyond this, she sees this EP as her own expression of the journey that we all experience as children, where there seem to be no limits on what one can achieve. The purpose of her EP is to share her music with any listeners who are facing the same obstacles whilst fighting to achieve their goals. The first eponym song is about living colourfully hence the title of “Fluorescently”. Chiara’s unique sound, partnered with powerful soul vocals and an outstanding eye for visuals, promise a successful future for her music.

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