Davina Michelle

FRESH: ‘Skyward’ – Davina Michelle

Dutch singer Davina Michelle releases her latest striking single “Skyward”!

by Christopher Smith

Dutch singer Davina Michelle adds to a mighty collection of releases with “Skyward”, her newest and immensely captivating single out now.

Davina has amassed a collection of 79, yes 79 digital single releases since her debut “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” in 2017! Indeed, “Skyward” is already her sixth so far this year, hot on the heels of “High Hopes” and “Swan Song”, her two most recent.

In 2017 when renowned superstar P!nk responds to Davina Michelle’s cover of “What About Us” in a viral video by Glamour USA. The singer stated “Now I know how it’s supposed to sound”. Ever since this moment the star of Davina Michelle can’t seem to stop rising. The Dutch YouTube sensation’s channel grew explosively and soon after she had a Dutch record-breaking #1 hit (such as Most successful singer ever in the Top 40), a sold out club tour, shows in Miami, San Diego and Nashville as well as a number of writing sessions in the USA.

To top this success Davina Michelle won the 2019 Edison Award for Best Newcomer. Davina has over 580,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel with “What About Us” gaining over 13 million views alone so far! Does this girl never stop?! We await yet more releases this month and this year!

For more about Davina, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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