FRESH: ‘T-Shirt’ – Mikey

US artist Mikey releases his second new tune “T-Shirt”.

by Christopher Smith

Mikey is the new project from singer/songwriter Mike Schiavo. After two years of writing and sculpting his sound, he is finally ready to unleash the songs that came from the process. “T-Shirt” is his second release, following his debut “Bitter”.

“T-shirt” is a somber, but highly relatable song about being dragged along by somebody who only wants you around when it’s convenient. The song was inspired by a conversation about writers block I had with my friend Josh Radnor (“Rise”, “How I Met Your Mother”) and is one of my favorites of the project. I hope you enjoy it!

Mikey is an LA-based indie pop artist by way of New Jersey. After years of writing, releasing music, touring and opening for artists like Lauv, LeAnn Rimes, A R I Z O N A, Jacob Whitesides and more, Mikey was born. The past two years , he has carefully crafted his sound and come into his own. He will release a collection of songs throughout 2019 and is bound to relate to listeners.

For more about Mikey, check out his official FACEBOOK page

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