FRESH: ‘Natural’ – Sarra

US singer Sarra releases her self-titled debut album!

by Christopher Smith

This is the bedazzling self-titled debut album from US singer and songwriter Sarra – out now. One of the highlights of the album is the track “Natural”, which is about finding that person who lets you be completely and unapologetically you.

Sarra says “I was never impressed by material things in a relationship, all I ever wanted was for someone to accept me for who I was and to give me room to grow”. “So much of this album is about experiencing this duality of extreme highs and lows – the dark and light – love verses pain,” Sarra shares. “The story here is me going through fire to be who I am supposed to be, and not being scared shitless to say what I have to say”.

Smoldering with emotionality Sarra, produced by two-time Emmy Award winner Josh Goode, boasts a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic with Sarra’s soulful vocals, imaginative arrangements, sublime musical motifs, and rugged urban-leaning beats. Underneath the rich textures are well-crafted songs written by Sarra alongside Brooklyn based songwriter Jay Stolar. The album is strongly feminine indie-pop, inspired by Sarra’s soulful victory over intense personal tumultuousness.

Sarra’s vocals encompass a traditional R&B style mixed with her creative use of pop inspired instrumentation giving her sound a rich eclectic feel. Her strength, creative soul and voice, mixed with powerful vocals has led Sarra from American Idol contestant to innovative solo artist.

For more about Sarra, check out her official FACEBOOK page

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