Ben Hon, Daniel Loumpouridis

FRESH: ‘Salt’ – Ben Hon and Daniel Loumpouridis

US indie rock artists Ben Hon and Daniel Loumpouridis release “Salt”.

by Christopher Smith

Ben Hon and Daniel Loumpouridis met during their time attending the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music and started collaborating after an excursion to Amsterdam during which they ate obscene amounts of pho and Ben experienced a bad mushroom trip! Upon arriving back in the States, the two musicians bonded over their mutual love of the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys while embracing their differences to create a piece of music that couldn’t have been possible without such a melting pot of influences.

The alt-rock textures of Hon–a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist from Arlington, VA–blend seamlessly with the more electronic leanings of Loumpouridis–a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. Their first single, “Salt”, is a riff-heavy indie pop ode to the pitfalls of a one-sided relationship. The rest of the EP follows suit, using dynamic sound design coupled with acoustic guitar to create a sonic dichotomy that understands the necessity of both failure and learning from youthful relationships.

The boys say of the track “This is the first song we tracked for the EP. Recorded in a day entirely in Daniel’s bedroom, it felt like the tune was finished as soon as we started working on it. The complete project just fell into our hands. It really represents the best of what we can accomplish when we let both of our respective tendencies run wild. Daniel’s sound design enhances and enriches Ben’s voice and guitar playing, allowing both of us to achieve more musically than we ever could have as individuals”.

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