Calum Scott

FRESH: ‘Undo’ – Naughty Boy feat. Calum Scott

Calum Scott joins forces with Naughty Boy for “Undo”!

by Mark Keen

Calum Scott may be about to have his biggest hit since “Dancing On Your Own” and solidify the success of his “Only Human” album. He has not quite managed to return to the singles chart since “Dancing” deposited some excellent efforts, but may have just pulled off a master stroke.

It’s a great upbeat dance track and Calum and his mate gave a great performance on Mrs. Brown’s Boys on Saturday night on BBC1 even getting Mrs. Brown up on her feet, and showing that he is a really good sport. Naughty Boy is obviously no stranger to successful collaborations. Calum must have read my mind as I was thinking recently he really needed a collaboration, which has propelled the careers of artists such as Sam Smith.

Living in Hull, I was lucky to spot Calum celebrating the launch of the single at the Furley & Co bar on Saturday night. He was wearing a very fetching shirt, but I felt it was best not to bother him with ‘I’m your biggest fan’. I predict big things for this single and the exposure on BBC1 on a Saturday night should do no harm. If this does hit the top ten I’m retiring from pop ‘journalism’!

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