FRESH: ‘Royalty’ – Visiteur

Swedish group Visiteur release their striking new single “Royalty”!

by Christopher Smith

Visiteur is a Swedish synth pop group featuring Sir Boyfriend and his long-time business partner and bass player Dr. Snake Dog, guitarist E-man, Cpt. Snowball and Mick Beck on keys. They made their debut in 2018 with party banger Royalty and have since built a hardcore fanbase in their hometown of Stockholm, as well as in France and Hungary.

According to Sir Boyfriend, Visiteur play ‘techno glam’; a mix of 90’s pop and 80’s glam with ruthless bass lines and ritzy synths and he wants everyone to go and practice their dance moves with “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”!

Dr. Snake Dog met with Sir Boyfriend in 2011, when joining pop/rock group Lynx Rufus to play bass. E-man was a part of the ensemble too, having played with Sir Boyfriend as teenagers in punk and funk bands. Lynx Rufus built up a loyal live following in Sweden and released a few singles on their own when in 2012, they were offered a 360 record deal. Unfortunately, due to personal tragedies and disagreements, the band fell apart and the record deal with it, leaving Sir Boyfriend and Dr. Snake Dog to experiment with music on their own.

After a few years of playing with synthesizers and digital drums, E-man re-joined the boys together with Cpt. Snowball to start performing live. An EP was recorded and indie label Voz Alta signed the band. In 2016, Sir Boyfriend came back from an inspirational trip to Belgium with the new name Visiteur and with hopes of finally having found the formula for success.

For more about Visiteur, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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