Vera Hotsauce

FRESH: ‘Bring Me Down’ – Vera Hotsauce

Sweden’s Vera Hotsauce is back with her new single “Bring Me Down”!

by Christopher Smith

It is impossible to be unconcerned with the Swedish up-and-coming artist, songwriter and producer Vera Carlbom. Just turned 18 she still manages to have an indestructible self-esteem which will only benefit her approaching journey. Vera herself is the first one to agree with this. “Watch Me! I’m going to take over. I’m going to be the best and the greatest”.

Now Vera is releasing her new single “Bring Me Down” from her upcoming mixtape “Red Pill” which will be out in April. “Bring Me Down” was also written with the team from Moving Castle in LA and according to Vera herself is about: ”The song is about friends who act weird and strange and never really stood by you or supported you in any way. However at last you find your main person who you can always turn to and who is your ride or die for life”.

Her strong personality shines through with every word, however provocative or honest it may be. That this star who is just waiting to explode also writes and produces music for herself as well as others will help her emerging flames reach the very top. Do be careful to step on her toes, because this girl does not take any shit. Influenced by modern pop and the wave of trap music her songs are filled with attitude, character and a bad-ass vibe.

Now it is clear for Vera that the artist path is right for her, letting her rise as well as being seen and heard in the spotlight just as much as she wants to. Vera Hotsauce, a girl with endless poise and a love to provoke, is now demonstrating with her mixtape “Let Me Show U What Love Is” – and especially in the single “Daddy” – that even if her surface comes off as cocky and hard, she has an extremely sensitive and vulnerable heart. With brutally honest lyrics and heartbreaking melodies, Vera is exposing her own sincere and beautiful story.

Her own words about the mixtape: ”The mixtape is probably the most personal material I’ve ever written. It’s about a person that means very much to me that left a long time ago. This is not a celebration to him, this is not a statement that I need him in my life, this is something relatable for every fucking kid in this world that got deselected by a parent. I wanna tell all these kids with broken hearts that you gotta learn to fix yourself and that I know what you’re going trough. I also wanna tell my story. Because there are a lot of people that see me as very hard and cocky, but I also have a very vulnerable heart. And I have a really crappy past, which made me into who I am today.

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